Tuesday, 5 November 2013


“First and foremost you were speaking animatedly,
coherently, charmingly....about something that interested you.

Stopped mid-sentence, leaned back with fixed
and staring eyes....there was no expression on your face....
all-seeing, yet not seeing....this lasted about thirty seconds.
Resumed talking....about something I cannot recall....rambling....
disjointed....not linked with the previous conversation....
you leaned forward towards me, looking half at me.
Your mouth was working strangely, especially the left side.
Haltingly, yet somehow in a bludgeoning fashion,
you said the word “kisses” six or seven times.
All this took about one minute, and was not interactive.

Back to your charming self, you recited a poem to me....
it had in it the word “kisses”....I think you had been visiting
this line earlier.... then you were back to where you were before.
You resumed conversation at an entirely different place....
not related to the first bit....were pale and distracted....
definitely post-ictal for between five to ten minutes.

We walked from the cafe to where my husband waited
in the car....is that helpful? Must meet again some time.”

*@CroPage on Twitter

It is very important to tell the person who has the seizure exactly what happened, so they can keep their GP and neurologist up-to-date with the condition.
Thank you Caroline x I showed the printout of your notes to my neurologist.

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