Thursday, 24 January 2013


Two females and a fat man
making shuffling sounds behind me,
letting me know they want to overtake
on a pavement three feet wide, and
eleven khaki-coloured alcoholics in a recess
caught in stop-frame as their black and gold
temptation tins are poised-but-not-quite-tilted.
Three black men in overcoats, bustling
like baptists planning to proselytise,
one caucasian crisply crossing towards Costa
with its hotspot. Kelsey Kerridge Leisure Centre
hosting a swimming event. This time the cranes
are very blue, not tinted by a low sun fuzzing
weekday afternoon aerosphere. I’m home,
and wondering what it’s like to have somewhere
to go with somebody whose company I enjoy. 
Solitude is for the choosing, and I wish there was
an app I could download to give me family
in the flesh, at the tapping of a finger.
But, based on past experience, sod that.

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